When people first see your home they see your driveway. don't let your home give a bad first impression due to a plain or spalded driveway.

Cover Crete offeres multipul solutions for your driveway with stamped overlay, broom finish, and a varity of sealers for all your needs.

Cover Crete's stamped overlay solution gives you the elegant look with a product that will go over our existing concrete driveway that is strong enought to handle daily automobile trafic with-out with mimimal maintance every few years depending on amount of traffic.

Cover Crete is able to do a broom finish that allows Cover Crete to repair the dammage from salt, weather, and normal wear. Returning your concrete to a like new look with a stronger result then the original driveway.

Cover Crete is able to do a combination of a stamped overlay border on your driveway with a diffrent stamped overlay pattern or colorin in the center or a stamped overlay boarder with the broom finish in the center. Cover Crete is also able to do the entire driveway with the same system.

Resurfaceing your driveway with Cover Crete has many advantages over tearing your existing driveway out including.

  • No dealing with heavy equipment tearing up your yard.
  • Drive on your driveway within days not weeks.
  • Stronger then regular concrete with the help of the polymers.
  • Decritive and elegant for the cost of replacing with plain.
  • 1 year labor and matirals limmited warrenty.


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